Great Features

Your NFT Avatar
Easily set your picture as your avatar. Show anywhere supported NFT avatars.
Public Profile
Include publicly visible profile information in your trx domains such as: websites, links, and social networks.
Unlimited Subdomains
Create unlimited subdomains, manage and share subdomains easily.
Custom Data
Store a variety of custom data records that can be expanded later.
NFT Gallery
NFT Galleries where you can display and share your personal NFT collections.
Transfer Tron domains
Transfer Tron domains between (domains or addresses) very easily.
TRON Domains Integration

Integrate tron domains into your DAPP, Wallet, Web3.0 and other web projects. This will make the Dapp more user-friendly.



Q 2 2022
  • Public Website:
  • Public Twitter:
  • Launch Testnet Program.
  • Open Public-Sale.
  • Features: Public Profile, Your NFT Avatar, Social Channel.
Q3-Q4 2022
  • List tron domains on (NFT Marketplaces).
  • Build SDKs and Documentation for Third-party.
  • Update Features: SubDomains, Multi Wallet Address, NFT Galleries...
  • Launch Organization(DAO) will govern the management of domain policy and resources gained from domain payments.
  • $TRXD will be designed, tested, minted. Smart Contracts Audited by third-party.
Q1-Q2 2023
  • $TRXD Token will be Airdrop to domain owners.
  • $TRXD will be used in the DAO voting process.
  • Launch $TRXD Staking & Farming Programs.
  • List $TRXD on CEX exchanges.

Frequently asked questions

01. What is blockchain domain?
A blockchain domain is an on the blockchain. Blockchain domains are designed to resolve your web address and wallet using smart contracts. This is a useful step in your crypto journey.
02. Can I transfer my blockchain domains?
Yes. trx domains are build on TRC721 (NFT), you can transfer it using an TRC721 enabled wallet.
03. Does tron domain blockchain domains compatible with ICANN traditional domains?
No. tron domains are built using blockchain technology, It can help you to launch distributed web which traditional domains cannot do.
04. How to connect TronLink wallet?
Connect TronLink: Coming Soon
06. How much does it cost to register?
Costs are set at the following rate:

+5 characters
4 characters
3 characters
2 characters
2, 3, 4 chars cost more because of limited quantity.

Your key to the Tron Ecosystem

Send and receive crypto with a unique and memorable tron name. Add your profile, avatar, and social links. Your NFT Domains belong to you - that means No Renewal Fees Ever.